No Substitute For a Good Rain

We’ve been steadily irrigating our first plantings, aiding them in their germination during this extremely dry spring, but we are still very grateful for the substantial rain over the weekend. Drip irrigation and sprinklers can certainly help in periods of drought, but there is no substitute for a good rain soaking. Plants seem to somehow know the difference between real rain and irrigation.

Our first seeding of spring salad mix is responding beautifully to this wet weather … and so are the weeds. All season long, we cultivate entirely by hand, using precision hoes to disturb weeds during their “white-thread stage,” just after they have germinated. This allows us to give our vegetables the needed advantage to get ahead of weeds, which would otherwise compete for the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth.

We’ll be transplanting our first round of head lettuce tomorrow into the wet earth: green forest romaine, red leaf, and green Boston lettuce. All over New England, farmers are off to an early start this year, which is good news for all of us who crave locally-grown, healthy, delicious food on our plates. We look forward to our first harvests for local restaurants beginning late next week.

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