May has arrived …

Spring Harvests

May has arrived, and we’re getting closer to our first harvests of the season. We’re designing vegetable wash stations at each of our sites to be certain all our vegetables are washed and cooled before the midday field heat moves into them. We’re also closing in on some big work at our newest farm site, getting it truly transformed into urban farmland. We’ve got a lot of invasive plants to remove before we accept soil and compost from a nearby farm. Then, we’ll build our raised beds just in time to continue our spring planting schedule. We’ve planted over a quarter acre already to salad greens, lettuce, peas, collards, spring turnips, chard, carrots, and beets.

When we’re not planting, weeding, and preparing our land, we’re building compost bins at each of our sites. With these, we can turn weeds that haven’t gone to seed and all sorts of other organic matter into rich compost to put back onto our fields. Maintaining fertility in an intensive growing system without lots of added inputs is a challenge, and we like to use all the resources at our disposal to make sure nutrients that exist on our farm go back into producing food. We’re also aggressively pursuing other ways we can make our own compost in bigger quantities in seasons to come.

We’ll post some photos of our farm in spring soon, which is getting greener and greener every day.

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