Welcoming June …

As we prepare to welcome June, with all its brightness and heat, we like to pause and take a moment to remember what the fields looked like in March. Cool days spent removing last year’s crops and forming our raised beds, spreading and tilling in compost, seeding and protecting our first successions of greens and radish. The rewards of late spring and summer are wonderful, and we’re very pleased to be sharing it with people all across this city. See our Restaurants page for places you can purchase our produce retail, or enjoy it in your dinner.

We continue, like always, to build and fill our compost bins. We don’t let weeds or anything green go to waste. We hope to create all of our own compost for our current four plots in the 2013 season … and have fun doing it!

We’re also always experimenting with new ideas, like Bobby’s brilliant plan to trellis an entire bed of cucumbers from a chain-link fence that borders our Blue Hill Avenue farm site. We’ve also companion planted nasturtiums with our cucumbers, which we’ll use to add edible flowers to our tender and delicious salad mixes.

Let us know if you’re interested in coming out to volunteer and work with us. As June rapidly approaches, you can be sure that no farm or farmer is short of weeds to pull, plants to plant, and chores to do!

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