Thanks to all our supporters!

We just received funding to work towards readying a new lot in Roxbury! In case you haven’t been following the progress of our project, we started fundraising on Kickstarter last month with a goal of $15,000. Just last week we finished with almost $30,000 raised!


When we first thought about launching this Kickstarter six months ago, we didn’t know what to expect or whether people would respond. Not only did you respond, we were overwhelmed by your support!


The greatest part about this entire process is knowing how many of you share our excitement. We have 245 backers, and so many other supporters behind the scenes.

We love you all!


Even after we met our goal with five days still to go your pledges kept coming in!

Thirty-four more friends of City Growers pledged since we reached our goal the morning of August 1st. Thank-you for joining in our vision, contributing to making our mission reachable. Our family has grown by 100 new Facebook friends and we want to stay in touch!  So, if you have not liked us on Facebook, please do so we can stay in contact!


While have completed our Kickstarter campaign, the process of gaining ground on our new farm site has just begun!  The land has been identified and we are in conversations with the City and Trust for Public Land – to acquire this lot. We will let you know how it is all going, so please stay tuned to our undertakings here or through facebook and twitter for further news on the project and information on how you can help.


We have been told by a few friends that they would like to contribute, but missed the Kickstarter. We now have Paypal up and running on our website or you can send a check to City Growers at P.O. Box 255698 Dorchester, MA 02125-5698.

 Thank you!

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