• Residents will have better access to local, affordable, nutrient-rich produce; racial and economic disparities in food access will improve.
  • Schools receiving City Grower’s produce will help curb the obesity problem and improve nutrition for students.
  • Institutional food services (including schools and hospitals), local restaurants, and other food retailers will have increased access to local, organic, less-traveled (fresher) produce.


Creates Jobs in the Inner City

  • “Green-collar jobs” will be created for local residents near the farms, increasing economic stability.
  • City Growers’ farmers will receive assistance with land remediation, growing, selling, and transporting their produce.

Promotes Environmental Sustainability

  • Environmental benefits will be realized through sustainable, manual farming practices and carbon neutral transportation (e.g. bike transport).
  • Neighborhoods burdened with environmental hazards will contain oases of greenery and healthy, remediated soil.
  • Areas impacted by crime will become centers of productive, interactive activities.
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